Mumbai, India


Over the years, number of ex-Sea Cadets; have in various ways brought out as to how they miss various aspects of Training on JAWAHAR. To give opportunity to ex-Sea Cadets who still value the training received by them at a young age and would like once again to be actively involved and be a member of our Training Team on JAWAHAR, the National Headquarters of the Sea Cadet Corps in Mumbai.

We currently have 2000 Girls & Boys under training and around 800 Girls & Boys are being considered for New Enrollment. We need more space and infrastructure to provide quality training to our Cadets; hence there is also a need for us to have additional Honorary and Voluntary Officers and it is planned to enroll as ADULT CADET INSTRUCTORS

There will be an opportunity for those coming up to the required standard to be appointed as Honorary and Voluntary Officers in the Corps after serving 2 years as Adult Cadet Instructor.


Ex-Sea Cadets genuinely interested will be required to fulfill the following:
  • Should have completed the 4 years Training Course and received the Training Certificate from the Organization at the time of discharge.
  • Be born between 1 January 1990 and 31 December 1997.
  • Should be physically fit in every respect.
  • Undergo 36 hours of Training. This training will be carried out on Saturday afternoon for 4 hours; thereafter the ex-Sea Cadet will be assessed for appointment as an Honorary & Voluntary Adult Cadet Instructor
  • Those selected need to commit to serve in the Sea Cadet Corps for a period of minimum 3 years.
  • Attend Leadership Training (along with other Cadet in-Charges & Officers) on Saturdays from 1730 hrs till 2100 hrs and stay on board T.S JAWAHAR on Saturday night and join for the regular Sea Cadet Corps Training on Sundays from 0700 hrs to 1300hrs. (breakfast is provided to those staying on board)
  • Provide herself/himself with the required Uniforms and maintain them to the required standards.
  • Those selected will adhere to the required discipline, acquire knowledge of the current Training Syllabus and strictly comply with the Rules & Regulations of the Corps.

All those who are interested and fulfill the above requirements are required to forward a handwritten application to Training Ship JAWAHAR addressing to Commodore Superintendent, Sea Cadet Corps or online application by email to seacadetindia@gmail.com with the following information as given.

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • List major events participated in as a Sea Cadet
  • Educational qualifications
  • Employment details (if any)
  • Copy of the Training Certificate and current photograph.